Kilimall Mobile Week

With The Kilimall Mobile Week, Luxury Becomes Affordable

The Kilimall Mobile Week is here, so whatever genuine reasons you may have in the past for not affording a super smartphone is rendered invalid now. With Kilimall, all luxury becomes absolutely affordable. Yes, Kilimall will be offering a whopping slash on all smartphones, feature phones and accessories this Mobile Week. Below are reasons why you should save the date and gear up to participate in the Mobile Week 1 […]

Shop Abroad

Shop Abroad At Deal Breaking Prices Without Hassles

Have you ever wanted to buy products from an international e-commerce site and could not? Have you ever seen beautiful items online but encountered the hitch of high exchange rates and freight cost? Do you experience the challenge of inability to buy in a foreign currency due to the recent forex difficulties? Personally, I have on occasions wished to participate in the singles’ day sales in China and buy personal […]

International Women's Day

Ladies, Dream Wild And Let Kilimall Help You Achieve It

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the #BeBoldWithKilimall campaign is set to reward a Nigerian woman who can dare to dream boldly and without fear. With this campaign, Kilimall intends to help one daring woman achieve her bold dream and fulfil her lofty wishes. This is aimed at encouraging and inspiring every woman to discard their fears and stereotypical hindrances. Kilimall Nigeria believes that the Nigerian woman can achieve anything she […]

High Heel

How To Wear High Heels With Minimal Discomfort

As adorable as high heels look, they can be a lady’s nightmare and cause blisters, ankle pains and discomfort when not carefully picked out. Despite this difficulty, ladies will rather step out to dinner in 4-inch heels while writhing silently in pains. At least, the sensation of being gorgeous and people’s compliments will serve as a soothing relief. The reality is that you don’t have to sweat blood and gnash your […]

Buying Book

Buying A Book You Will Actually Read? Here Is Where.

Books Will Take You Everywhere Buying a Book is like getting a ticket to see the world. It takes you everywhere. From the placid beach or the scorching Sahara to the boundless seas, or the fathomless depths of the Mariana Trench. Books even take you on a rollercoaster ride through the bellies of angry volcanoes yet you don’t get burnt by the ravenous magma. Books give form to words and make you watch the […]

5 Benefit Cucumber Header

5 Benefits Of The Cucumber

Over the past couple of months, the cucumber has gained popularity among the women folk. Not for nutritious or health reasons, but for vulgar reasons that are not our focus here. To no small extent, the virality of the “cucumber” has caused many to forget its health and nutritious benefit. For this reason, I thought I should sensitize you to the benefits of the cucumber as a fruit that has […]

Power Solution

What Are Your Power Solution Options? Here Are Ours

Every one of us has had some problems with power solution in the past. It comes in different ways. One may be watching a favorite TV show, Premier League match or AFCON finals and suddenly the power goes off. This also applies to students who may be studying for exams and are suddenly disappointed by power cuts. Weddings have been marred by power outages, leaving guests fanning themselves or leaving […]

Coupon Redeem

Redeeming Your Coupon On Kilimall

To Redeem Your Coupon   The Kilimall coupon gives you N1000 off any purchase after redemption. This is the bid to give our teeming customers a chance to shop more on our site. We reward loyalty in every area and appreciate returns from our customers.   With this, you’ll have yet another reason to explore our site and buy more! Much more than buying more, the coupon gives you the […]

6 Valentine Celebration Ideas For You And Bae Header Photo

6 Valentine Celebration Ideas For You and Bae

Valentine celebration is almost upon us and the endless circle of robotic moves will soon start. Robotic moves because almost everyone recycles typical gifts. Flowers, wristwatches, dresses etc. the usual.  I reckon that every celebration of love should come with some titillating and spicy angle to it. So why do we have almost the same kind of love sharing experiences over and over?   In the spirit of love, we’ll […]