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Nigeria is one of the leading countries in Africa that has a booming e-commerce business. Large and start up companies have found Nigeria to be a fertile ground for the business. An African market requires products that appeal to the people and those that are market specific. Most e-commerce sites in Nigeria have perfected their smartphone market making this to be the leading country with a large consumer population when it comes to smartphone. Kilimall happens to be one of the sites that has majored in providing smartphones for the country.

Infinix and Tecno have probably been the most successful brands in the country and this is owed to the fact that these two brands have all that it takes to appeal to the local market. The phones come at affordable prices which is what most people are in need of in a phone. Below are some of the brands that you get at Kilimall.


Tecno is a leading giant in the smartphone market in Africa. Each model that Tecno releases seems better than the previous model. Tecno phones are affordable and better off than some of the cheap smartphones that one may come across in Nigeria. Most of the phones have specs that compete with what you get in high end phones. Tecno gives you a wide range of smartphones depending on your budget which is quite good for people who would want something that exactly fits into their financial capability.


Infinix is a model that is worth mentioning as it is the second most affordable and popular smartphone in Nigeria. Infinix made a recent entry in the market and has been doing a good job. Infinix smartphones come with sleek designs that make them stand out from the rest of the budget smartphones in the country. They also happen to be affordable and the deal gets better at Kilimall which sells them at discounted prices.


The Huawei brand is what you would call the ideal smartphones. It is a phone that not only boasts of its acclaimed glory in Africa but the world over. A brand that is associated with class, quality and a unique design makes everyone fall for it. Kilimall offers you the phone at discounted prices which are lower than the deals that one would get in any other e-commerce site in Nigeria. Kilimall gives you a wide range of Huawei models to choose from depending on your taste and preference.


Apple is one of the most coveted brands in the world. It is the leading phone maker in the world with no other company posing a threat to the brand. Most of the Apple devices that you get are quite expensive and this is the same case when it comes to iPhones. iPhones are rather expensive with their latest models being sold at super expensive prices, Kilimall has tried to ease the hustle of raising a lot of money to get one of these phones. You get Apple phones at discounted prices which is a good deal if you want to save some extra coins.


Samsung is a veteran when it comes to smartphones in Nigeria. It has been in the market long enough to see rising and falling brands in the country. The brand maintains a stable performance in the market which has maintained it as one of the most bought smartphones. Samsung phones come with features that are not only exceptional but ones that are quite unique. This is the reason as to why Kilimall Nigeria does what no other company has been doing, customers are able to get Samsung phones at lower and discounted prices.


Lenovo is among the smartphones that one can get at Kilimall and which come with amazing features such as having large internal storages in most of their models. Lenovo smartphones have great cameras that give high quality images even when the light is not sufficient. Lenovo smartphone incorporate the latest technology in making their phones which put them on the same level with some of the most expensive brands in the country.


The above mentioned brands are not the only smartphones that one can get at Kilimall. There are more brands with various models that one can get which makes this very exciting. Brands such as Injoo happen to be making good progress in the market and they have a lot to offer in terms of the design, prices, latest specs etc. Kilimall is the place to go when one wants a smartphone that can take them through the year without any disappointments. Phones have become more that a basic need which makes it important that people buys brands that can fulfill all their needs.