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MALL> Home & Living> Lighting & Home Improvement> Hand Tools

Kilimall has a large selection of hand and power tools for home and industrial use. From torque wrenches to tape measures and measuring wheels we have a large stock of tools for your pick. Whether you are considering tools like bolt cutters, wire strippers and multi-purpose utility knives, cordless drill/drivers, impact wrenches, saws, sanders, and angle grinders you can be sure to find them all at Kilimall.

Away from home uses, Kilimall also have hand tools that that can cater for automotive and industrial tools. Tools in this category includes, drills, welding, soldering tools, and more. At Kilimall, we can fathom the need to have high grade tools at you behest that is why we offer a huge selection of tools for your workshops or for home use.

With Kilimall by your side, you do not really need to call on a handyman every time your appliances get faulty at home. Kilimall has a high range of power tools to give you a smooth shopping experience for you.

Whether you are a professional or just a everyday man who likes to tinker with his household appliances, you can bet that Kilimall has got something for you. Our selections will ultimately blur the lines between the professionals and the amateurs. Take a moment to stop by at Kilimall and shop for your choice of hand tools.

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