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MALL> Home & Living> Home> Household Cleaning Tools & Accessories

Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness. So, it is important that you keep your home and environment clean and neat. You may think cleaning is a tough task to do, but take it from us, with the right set of cleaning tools and equipment, you will see that it is an enjoyable task. At Kilimall, we have a good range of home cleaning supplies that will make your home and office sanitation time more effective and productive.

Kilimall ensures that all the home cleaning equipment that are on display are made from high quality and durable materials to guarantee you a worthy buy and long lasting cleaning kit. You can get such quality products in varying designs and styles from us here at Kilimall.

Here a few common home and industrial cleaning equipment/products that we have in stock: electric pest repellent, vacuum cleaner, high-pressure rug washer, electric blowers, cleaning wipes, gloves, mop pads, garbage bags, closet deodorants, mops sets with broom and brushes etc. These Home and cleaning tools are made to make life easier for you and make your environment more neat and habitable. On Kilimall, you are sure to find the best priced and quality product for your home and office cleaning tools and equipment.

Below are some of the important Home/Office Cleaning and Accessories tools you should have:

Vacuum Cleaner

Floor cleaning is a janitorial activity that every home and office engage in almost daily. To get the best out of this activity, it is important that you get good quality products to assist you in that. Vacuuming helps to get rid of dust and any other dirt on your floors to give you that clean and healthy home/office space. More so, it helps your floor stay neat and germ-free in case you have toddlers who crawl around the home.

Mop Kit

As opposed to vacuum cleaners, the mop kit is a manual / self-handled cleaning kit. This is very effective when you need to reach almost impossible angles and corners of your home. They also come in handy to do a little walking around and stretching your legs as you walk around the surrounding.

Fancy Trash Can

Because the trash can is a garbage collector does not mean you should not have a fanciful bin. Having a fanciful bin is sure to add a whole lot of ambience and beauty to your environment and get the dirt out of the way. You should consider checking these fancy trash cans out.

Colourful Kitchen Towels

For those moments when you just finish doing the dishes, you need this colourful little hand towels to dry out the draining dishes. They are made of great fabrics to aid fast drying out of water from your dishes. The towels come in 50 pieces, so you are assured of long term use.

Desktop Storage Box

To keep your table or office desk neat and clean, you need this desktop storage box to hold all your office stationery in one place and within reach.

Bath and Sink Sponge

You really need this specifically-designed sponge for scrubbing your bathtub and sinks clean. It comes with a big grip handle that gives you a firm hold and allows you scrub well.


Dusts are everywhere these days. So, dusting has become an everyday task, if not an every time task if you are obsessed with dusting. To aid you in this, you need to have basic dusting tools that include dusters, wipes, towels and window blind cleaners.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles comes in handy when you need to mix your own solution for cleaning or stain removal. Matter-of-fact, there is no limit to what you can make out of spray bottle in home cleaning.

Given the massive collection of home cleaning and accessories that Kilimall offers, there is no doubt that we’ve got you covered in the quest to make your home clean and friendlier to you and your family.

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