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Why every man needs a Formals for Men Shoes?

We all attend formal events such as weddings, funerals and job interviews. Looking good and presentable is just as important as showing up for these occasions. As the saying goes, you are addressed based on how you are dressed. You don’t want to make a wrong first impression at that interview or event. The next step obviously is how to choose the right Leather Men Shoes.

how to choose a Formals for Men Shoes?

You should choose a Leather Men Shoes based on the type of event you are attending. A pair of formal black oxfords will carry you through the most formal of events – black tie, weddings, funerals and job interviews. Keep in mind that the Oxford is a dress shoe – purchase a pair with leather soles and be sure to shine your Oxfords thoroughly to prevent them from dulling. You can choose from a variety of oxford designer shoes available on Kilimall. If you are wearing a nonblack outfit for your event, you might consider a brown leather brogue. The brown leather brogue is a footwear for the contemporary gentleman. What’s so unique about the brogue is its versatility. The traditional perforations on the shoes upper – the brogueing – gives the shoe a distinctive character that other smart shoe styles lack. For brogues, a shade of light brown can be limiting because it tends to look strange with dark suits. A medium to dark brown pair can look great with any suit colour except black and will still work with chinos or jeans. Although a brown wingtip brogue is ideal, leather brogues in tan, chestnut or chocolate all work seamlessly with your wardrobe, allowing you to create the maximum number of outfit combinations. You can check out great looking men shirts to add to your wardrobe on Kilimall. Traditionally, brogues are less formal than oxfords. Consider them for work, especially if you work in a laid-back office. These shoes are suitable for outfits ranging from smart to smart-casual. Full brogues can be worn with outfits ranging from the formality of a three-piece suit to a casual pair of jeans. Whether you are wearing a tux to a black-tie event or a business suit, these dress shoes will complement and add a dose of formality to your attire. Be rest assured, you will find the best quality and prices on brogue and oxford shoes on Kilimall. Kilimall offers a range of assortments of formal shoes including pointed toe shoes, brogue leather shoes, oxford shoes, British style shoes, lace up formal shoes and slip on formal shoes etc. You will also find these quality shoes in different colours on Kilimall; black, red, brown etc. Beyond formal shoes, you can also shop for your casual footwears such as Loafers and Slip on shoes on Kilimall.

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