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Buy Latest Men's Shirts Online at Kilimall

Shopping for men's shirts online? Kilimall is your one stop shop for quality men's shirts. We offer quality men's shirts for all occasions ranging from dress shirts, casual shirts and including various styles. You are guaranteed the best deals on quality and price on men's shirts on Kilimall. You can shop for men's shirts directly on our website and on your mobile devices through Kilimall app. Shopping through our app is easy, fun and gives you a personalised experience. Visit Google PlayStore to download Kilimall app. Kilimall Offer the following services:

Types of Men's shirts

There are various types of men's shirts including formal shirts, informal shirts and casual shirts. Formal shorts typically don't have pockets this is because they are meant to be worn with a suit and thus the wearer will have no need for pockets. Shirts with pockets are less formal. Casual shirts are meant for informal situations and not meant to be tucked in. Dress shirts are examples of formal shirts while the casual button design is an example of a casual shirt. Whatever your preference of style and design, you will sure find it on Kilimall.

Styles of men's shirts

There are various styles of men's shirts that have evolved over the years. Below is a list of essential men's shirts styles to have in your wardrobe. Casual Button-Down: Casual button-down shirts are NOT dress shirts. The fact that they're “casual” means there's a lot more flexibility that comes with wearing them. This style should be prominent in your shirt wardrobe as it is looser and has a more relaxed fit than dress shirts. Casual button-downs are worn untucked – they're not meant to be layered under a suit. Dress Shirt: Dress shirts are mostly worn for formal occasions and layered with a suit or jacket. It ia also ideal to get a formal shoe to go with your dress shirt and suit. You can get quality men's formal shoes on Kilimall. Blazers: Blazers are a semi-formal wear, they can be worn for formal events and for social events. A blazer is a must have in your wardrobe if you want to stay trendy, smart and fashionable. Polo Shirt: People love the “middle ground” quality that polo shirts possess – a soft collar with a placket and buttons that don't go all the way down. Henley: Henleys are basically the collarless version of the polo shirt. The placket is 2-3 inches long and it fastens with anywhere from 1-5 buttons. Henleys can either be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. You can find a whole range of casual shirts, dress shirts and blazers on Kilimall.

How to select a Dress shirt style?

In selecting a dress shirt style, there are various styles to choose from but what should inform your choice is the dress style that best fits you. The Classic Fit – Best for Comfort: If you wear your shirts with jackets, this is probably the best fit for you because it is the most comfortable. It is not the best choice for slim chaps because other styles may suit you better. However, if you have a rounder stomach, this is the most comfortable and most flattering style for you. Slim Fit – Best for Looks If You Are Slim: As the name implies, this shirt fit is made for slim people, therefore please do not choose it if you have some love handles or a belly because it looks really bad, if you are not in shape. If you are in shape and young or young at heart, and you want to wear the shirt on its own and look the part, the slim fit look is for you. The Modern/Contemporary Fit: If you are not the slimmest guy, but you don't have a huge belly, this fit suits you best. Of course, you can also wear it as a slim chap. Sizes of men's shirts are typically based on the sizes of the various parts of the shirt such as the sleeve length, body length, shoulder width and the collar. To determine what size suits you, you should know your measurements for the various parts of a shirt and review them with a shirt size guide to determine what category they fall you. The typical shirt size categories are Small(S), Medium(M), large (X), extra-large (XL) and extra extra-large (XXL). Whatever your size is, you can be sure to find a befitting shirt on Kilimall.

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