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Smartphone Apple

An iPhone is the cream of all the phones when it comes to the design, the make, and the general quality. An iPhone is not regarded as a smartphone like most of the high tech phones that one can get from stores. As a matter of fact, an iPhone is plainly perceived as so and has thus managed to create a unique niche for the brand. The phones are slightly expensive than some high-end smartphones like Samsung.

FaceTime feature

iPhones have a unique face time feature that puts it at the top; the feature allows one to video chat with another iPhone user in high definition. This is a feature that cannot be found in other smart devices that may seem high tech. Such require Wi-Fi to achieve video chatting. The feature allows for a more personal way to stay in touch with friends and family without necessarily having to use Skype. The Face time feature is found in most phones such as iPhone 5 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and most of the models that came after iPhone 5.


iPhone cameras are more advanced than some digital cameras. People with Apple phones may not have a need for their cameras as the phone camera can do a better job in taking photos. iSight camera in the phones gives images a better quality than what you can get in other phones. The video quality that one gets with an iPhone happens to be great, capturing every detail of an image. iPhone 6 is a model that can guarantee you crystal clear images.


iCloud is probably one of the best innovation in Apple phones. It enables iPhone users to share data, with other Apple devices without going through the hustle of transferring data as it happens in Android phones. For instance, once an image is taken from an iPhone, iCloud transfers it to your computer automatically. iCloud makes it possible for iPhone users to share a wide range of data among users of this model.

Apple App Store

The Apple App store has numerous apps that are free to download. Interestingly, Android has more users than Apple when it comes to the market share. This does not, however, mean that Android can outdo iOS. iOs remains to be the best OS just that iPhones are a little bit expensive than Android smartphones.


Siri is one thing that makes iPhones better than any other phone in the world at the moment. It is a voice-activated virtual assistant that helps the user find anything that they are looking for. The user does not have to go through the apps or even conduct a search to find an item of interest. With a simple voice command, you get anything that you are looking for including opening an app. Siri saves time for the user, and its accuracy level is high making it dependable.


Am iPhone is what can be basically described as an ideal phone. It incorporates technology that has not yet been ventured into by most of the Android smartphones that have flooded the market. Apple products may be costly than the deals that you may get with Android phones, but the good things is that the phones give the user value for every dime they put in. Kilimall Nigeria is here to make the dream of owning an iPhone come true by retailing the phones at discounted prices that are lower than what you would normally get in most stores.

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