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Smartphones Gionee

Nigeria happens to be one of the leading countries in Africa in the smartphones market. Most of the leading brands have found the market to be quite favorable. Gionee is a smartphone that comes with all that a user may need in a phone. Gionee phones are affordable and made of quality material that keeps it looking great. The time when phones were a basic need is long gone as phones have become a luxury. It is capable of defining the personality of an individual as well as the class. Gionee smartphones are affordable and capable of giving both class and style. Some of the features to expect from the phone are as follows;

4G Connectivity

4G is what everyone wants on their phone. It happens to be a recent technology and thus not every phone is 4G enabled. Most mid-range phones have 3G connectivity which is slower than what 4G offers. Some of the benefits that one gets with 4G is that the download speed is higher and it becomes easier to download apps from Google Play store. Streaming videos with the phone becomes a reality with 4G. Video calls that were only possible with PCs can now take place with a phone owing to 4G connectivity.


The performance of a phone counts above anything else. It determines whether a phone will be resourceful or not. Gionee smartphones are equipped with powerful processors that give a faster response to commands. This simply means that Gionee does not take a long time before it gives you the response that you have requested for. The OS determines how good the UI is and thus the latest OS has a more improved user interface than the previous operating systems. Gionee smartphones come with either the 5.1 or 6.0 OS. The RAM that one gets with Gionee phones ensures that one can multi-task giving the user the freedom to run various applications at the same time.

Internal Storage

Gionee phones come with internal storages of above 16GB. The internal storage comes in multiples of 4 as such one can get a higher storage capacity capable of storing large volumes of data. One may not always need a memory card with Gionee phones. The storage is expandable using SD cards, and thus one can always buy a memory card when they feel that they would want more storage space.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity of a phone determines how useful a phone is. A good phone with a poor battery may not be as helpful as one would want since it constantly goes off when on a low charge. Gionee phones come with considerably large battery capacities. This is important as it keeps the phone powered up for a longer period allowing the user more time usage. Some of the phones come with a fast charge ability that makes it possible for the phone to charge faster for a short period of time. The phone is thus capable of giving you more than a day of intensive usage.


Why buy a camera when you can get that from a smartphone? Gionee phones come with amazing cameras which are capable of taking clear images at all times including during the night. The phone gives decent pictures that can be confidentiality shared with friends. Gionee is one of the brands that has cameras that can be trusted. The video quality is also great with every detail of the Image being captured.


Kilimall is exclusively retailing Gionee phones at Super affordable prices. Most of the models are sold at discounted prices making it possible for most Nigerians to own one. Quality is something that you are certain of when it comes to the phone. It is actually a phone that is capable of making a difference in the tech life of anyone in 2017.

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