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Innjoo smartphones have been dominating the Nigerian market for some time now. One thing that has made the brand rise above some of the pre-existing brands is the fact that it is more affordable than some of the phones in the Country. Nigeria has been experiencing an influx of the new models making way to the country. This is increasingly benefiting consumers as the newer brands are cheaper than the conventional brand of the likes of, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, etc. Surprisingly most of the new entries offer as much as you can get in the expensive smartphones.

Innjoo has been retailing on Jumia for some time now, as a matter of fact, Jumia is the only store that could give you Innjoo models in Nigeria. Well, not anymore, Kilimall has a number of Innjoo models that are retailing at a much lower price than what you get at Jumia. When it comes to affordability, Innjoo smartphones can be categorized on the same level with models such as Tecno or Infinix which also happen to retail at a low price.

Range of models

The range of Innjoo smartphones that you get at Kilimall is overwhelming. Various models come with different prices and different specs as well. This is important as it gives you a list to choose from. You realize that even the simplest Innjoo smartphones have impressive specifications which ensures that you don’t miss out on what you may want in a smartphone. Innjoo is actually closing up on Tecno smartphones that have been dominating the market for some time.

Internal storage capacity

Before the entrance of affordable smartphones in the market, most people had to always buy a smartphone and also budget for a memory card. At least with models like Innjoo that does not have to happen. The phones come with large internal storage capacities that are large to support and store all your documents. With this being the trend, every company that intends to bring its products to the country has to really consider the issue on the internal storage.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is an important consideration in any African Country. Innjoo knows that too well and thus presents you with models that are highly powered to keep your phone on for long hours. This means that you can forget about setting aside a budget for a power bank. A smartphone with a large battery capacity comes in handy for people who are heavy users.


Kilimall Nigeria has committed itself to giving the best in the country by introducing more affordable brands and models. Innjoo is one of the brands that fit that description as it comes with some of the best features as well as a pocket-friendly price. By logging in into the Kilimall website, you get to view all the smartphones that you would like to buy, make your order and expect a doorstep delivery within few hours. Get a reliable phone today and save money as you shop with Kilimall

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